Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is widely used in high tech production, such as the polishing process of semiconductor industry. Through our research lab, we have successfully developed a new series of CMP products.

Brief Introduction

CMP polishes a wafer with a moving pad containing abrasive chemical slurry. The CMP equipment precisely regulates not only the pad's position, motion and pressure, but also the chemical composition and size of particles in the slurry. Such equipment also increases the precision of photolithography and reduces defects caused by metal residues.

The technology of CMP is well established in the back-end of IC manufacturing, where it was developed to remove variations (bumps) in metallization layers of multi-layer PCB. The shift to smaller CDs and the adoption of new technologies such as low-k dielectric materials and copper interconnect has increased the specifications and challenges for a smooth planar wafer surface. The result has been the rapid adoption of CMP in front-end wafer processing.

Research Goal

We focus on the study of CMP processing using current equipment and method; with a better designed slurry composition towards our customers need we are able to meet their low cost and high quality goal.

Cooperation Trend

We are very happy to provide a low cost solution to current polishing slurry users, which either in wafer polishing, glass polishing, and sapphire polishing. Our wide range of polishing slurry will provide you a perfect surface with better speed and satisfied price.

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