Rare-earth element is a collection of sixteen chemical elements in the periodic table, namely scandium, yttrium, and fourteen of the fifteen lanthanides (excluding promethium), which naturally occur on the Earth. The former two are included as they tend to occur with the latter in the same ore deposits. Some definitions additionally include the actinides.

Rare-earth plays an important role in the reconstruction of traditional industry and development of high tech industry. It is an essential ¡°vitamin¡± in this communication era.

Brief Introduction

There is small difference among the rare-earth elements¡¯ electronic structure, and their physical and chemical property is very similar. Except for Scandium and Promethium, all other elements normally exist together, so it is very difficult to extract and purify. However, single rare-earth element has more physical and chemical functions and with the development of refine technology, rare-earth elements are widely used in more industrial area. Rare-earth elements can produce special energy transform, transmission and storage function and through the processing of raw rare-earth material.

Research Goal

Our research goal is the high-purified technology research of rare-earth polishing powder and rare-earth materials to meet the market demands of high-quality polishing power(slurry) using in LED screen, optical film¡¢optical glasses and semiconductor polishing.

Cooperation Trend

Our team holds the technology in production high quality rare earth products in industry and looking for a partner for funds support to establish large-scale production line.

Other cooperation methods include new relevant technologies implementation and exploitation, and other up-to-date business proposals or projects.

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